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Research and Industrial Partnerships at Challenge University

Quality, not quantity

At Challenge University, we view research not as a separate entity but as an integrated aspect of our educational ethos. Our commitment to advancing the boundaries of educational methodologies manifests in various forms of academic and applied research.

Let’s explore.

Experiential Learning

We delve into the nuts and bolts of challenge-based, experiential learning, aiming to set new benchmarks for educational effectiveness. 

Industrial PhD Research Program

By partnering with industries, we facilitate high-impact research that addresses real-world problems and adds significant value to our society.

Beyond our core research programs, we engage in a plethora of academic pursuits that contribute to our mission of educational excellence.


Centre of Excellence in Experiential Learning

CEEL serves as Challenge University’s innovation hub for experiential learning.

Here, we conduct focused research to continuously refine our challenge-based education model, ensuring it stays attuned to real-world demands. Our aim is to bridge the gap between theoretical learning and practical application, crafting a seamless transition from academia to industry.


To foster groundbreaking research in experiential learning that empowers students and educators alike.


Joint projects with educational institutions and industrial partners.


Data collection, comparative studies, and research papers.

Industrial PhD Research Program

Our Industrial PhD Research Program offers students the opportunity to engage in groundbreaking research projects in collaboration with leading companies.

This symbiotic partnership allows us to explore innovative solutions to real-world challenges, providing significant value not just to our academic community, but also to the industries we serve.

Collaboration Opportunities

From joint research initiatives to faculty exchange programs, discover the many ways you can collaborate with us.