Challenge University

We are challenging the STATUS QUO in education

At Challenge University, we’ve redefined what it means to be a learner in the 21st century. Our story is one of innovation, determination, and a relentless pursuit to change the face of education.

From Telanto to Challenge University

Born from the global impact of Telanto, an EdTech digital marketplace that served universities in 53 countries, Challenge University emerged as a distinct educational institution with its own unique mission.

Forging Problem Solvers Through Challenges

What better way to educate the problem solvers of tomorrow than through an institution built on overcoming real-world challenges itself? At Challenge University, we don’t just teach you how to navigate challenges—we’re a living testament to the transformative power of facing them head-on.

Knowing. Doing. Being.

Today’s education system is not broken; it’s just obsolete. What served society well a century ago is now ill-suited for the current and future needs.

In a rapidly evolving world, where knowledge, skills, and capabilities are becoming obsolete faster than ever, filling minds with facts is no longer sufficient. The imperative now is to arm learners with the tools they need to solve real-world problems.



At Challenge University, this mantra drives the educational experience. “Knowing” captures the theoretical understanding and critical thinking skills that are instilled in learners. “Doing” represents the practical, hands-on experience they gain by applying that knowledge.

The practice is so integral to our curriculum that “Being” is not merely an outcome but a process. Through the repetition of challenges, learners internalize not just the skills but the character and ethical values that are essential. The goal is to produce not just problem solvers but productive citizens for society.


Speed of Degree

Accelerating Success, One Challenge at a Time

A Swift Journey to Mastery

At Challenge University, we’ve redesigned the educational timeline to serve the fast-paced world we live in. Our challenge-based model ensures that learners not only acquire knowledge but also apply it in real-world settings, accelerating the learning curve dramatically.

Halving Time to Degree

Our promise is simple yet transformative: cut the time to earn a degree in half. This allows learners to enter the workforce or progress in their careers much more rapidly, maximizing both time and investment in their future.


Quality Education, Fractional Cost

Breaking Financial Barriers

We believe that quality education shouldn’t be a privilege but a right for every motivated learner. Our degree courses cost a fraction of what traditional educational institutions charge, removing financial constraints from the equation.

Tailored Tuition Packages

We’ve carefully designed tuition packages to address the most pressing needs and aspirations of our learners. These tuition options allow learners to customize their educational experience to meet their individual goals, all within various budget ranges.


”As a professor at UC Davis, I’ve witnessed firsthand the limitations of traditional education systems. Challenge University is a game-changer, seamlessly blending real-world challenges with academic rigor. Their innovative approach not only equips students with the skills they need for the job market but also inspires a lifelong thirst for knowledge. I wholeheartedly endorse Challenge University as the future of education.”

Dr. Brad Handerson

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