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Become a 21st Century Problem Solver

New Horizons. Real-World Learning. Future-Ready Skills.

Interested in shaping tomorrow’s industries, technologies, or social landscapes? With Challenge University’s bachelor’s programs, embark on a transformative educational journey in one of the most innovative educational institutions globally.

Whatever academic path you select, your learning experience extends far beyond conventional academics. You won’t just graduate with a degree; you’ll graduate as a holistic individual ready to make an impact. You’ll master multiple skill sets through our challenge-based learning approach, gain practical experience with our industry partnerships, and possibly work or learn internationally. Most importantly, you’ll cultivate a sense of social responsibility, creativity, and strategic thinking—attributes highly prized by today’s employers.

Because the future doesn’t just need leaders; it needs problem solvers equipped with 21st-century skills who are capable of driving meaningful change and creating a better world.

Stand Out as a 21st-Century Problem Solver

Turn Your Entrepreneurial Vision into Reality with Our Bachelor's Degree in Entrepreneurship

Embark on an 18-month transformative journey with our Bachelor’s Degree in Entrepreneurship, a program designed to turn your entrepreneurial ambitions into actionable solutions. This intensive course offers more than just academic rigor; it places you in the epicenter of real-world entrepreneurial challenges, urging you to devise innovative solutions.

Your learning journey will be punctuated by milestones that transcend the traditional academic landscape. In addition to mastering the theories and tools vital for entrepreneurial success, you’ll work on creating your very own startup. Guided by industry experts and utilizing our extensive network of resources, you will develop a business plan, strategy, and even a prototype.

As the capstone of your educational experience, you’ll have the extraordinary opportunity to pitch your startup idea to a handpicked committee of Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists. This isn’t just an exercise but a potential launchpad for your business dream. With our Bachelor’s Degree in Entrepreneurship, you don’t just earn a degree; you earn the chance to make your entrepreneurial vision a reality.

Programm details

Challenge University offers a rigorous, one-year Master in Internet of Things (IoT) designed for those who are not afraid of intense dedication and hard work. This program requires your full attention, steadfast commitment, and rigorous discipline. In exchange, it equips you with the essential skills, valuable experiences, and a robust professional network, preparing you to make an immediate impact as an entrepreneur in today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape.

Your Time, Meticulously Planned

Our program is divided into six rigorous semesters, each lasting 12 weeks and carrying a weight of 30 ECTS credits. That adds up to a total of 180 ECTS credits, setting you up for an intense intellectual journey within a span of just 18 months. Our challenge-based learning approach means that you’ll not only learn the theory but apply it in real-world scenarios, from Day One.

A Rich Tapestry of Learning Formats

Your coursework will blend various learning formats—online lectures, interactive workshops, individual exercises, group projects, and industry challenges—to provide a 360-degree educational experience.

Industry-Relevant Challenges

We reject the idea of learning in isolation. Therefore, each semester integrates real-world challenges, sourced from our expansive network of premier companies, giving you the opportunity for practical application and valuable industry feedback.

State-of-the-Art Support Systems

We understand that this program is demanding. To help you keep your eye on the prize, we provide a host of support mechanisms. This includes cutting-edge technology platforms for seamless learning, as well as mindfulness techniques to help you maintain balance and focus.

Let's Shape the Future Together

At Challenge University, we’re not just offering a degree; we’re offering a transformation. So, if you believe you have what it takes to be part of this exciting journey, we invite you to apply and pave your path to entrepreneurial success.

Join us, and let’s shape the future, one challenge at a time.